27 November 2007

Getting Dirty

Arthur has been working hard at cleaning the heating system. He did our house last week and the vacuum cleaner exploded on him, so their was black soot everywhere. I didn't take pictures of this incident, but I was able to get a few pictures of him working on the one for KokaRoka. Imagine him 4 times as dirty, not a speck of clean skin showing and rings around his eyes, he looked like a Gypsy or one of those punk rock kids that puts black kohl around his eyes. Cleaning the heating system ourselves has saved us over 100euros, we can eat alot of gyros and pizza with the saved cash.


Jennifer said...

Oh Arthur, I've been there and done that...not exactly but I feel your pain. Love Ma

Anonymous said...

Wow - ya'll had a lot of people there hanging out. Looks like fun!