20 November 2007

Greek Thanksgiving

Arthur and I celebrated our Thanksgiving day today, I know it is two days early. This was the day he came to the States last year and I picked him up at the airport and we ate In-N-Out, since we don't have In-n-Out here I did the next best thing and made a Greek style Thanksgiving. The only time of year that they kill Turkeys is 10 days before Christmas, it is considered a Christmas meat along with little pigs and little lambs. So instead I roasted a chicken, this is a good size for 4 people anyway. I also made Au-gratin potatoes, very delicious, this was the only side I could think of, we don't have cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins or green beans (only in summer when fresh, no can products including mushroom soup). The potatoes and chicken was just enough, no Thanksgiving leftovers here.
I hope everyone else has an enjoyable Thanksgiving and enjoy the food for me ( I wish I could smell Maurine's rolls baking, yummy).

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Jeanie said...

Mara, so sorry that you will miss our Texas-size Thanksgiving. But we will see you in March with little junior. It sounds like your Greek Thanksgiving was successful. How lucky they are to have you to cook for them.

Will you have time to clean out my pantry, for old times sake in March? Is sure needs it.

It is supposed to be in the 40's for a high tomorrow, but today was nice and warm.

Love ya,