11 October 2008

Coming Soon......

This is his favorite stance, this is how he gets into his standing position. He can stand without any support for a few minutes and that's with holding something in his hand and waving it around. He cruises around on the furniture and even takes a few steps away from them and can safely go down to one knee or plops on his butt. He has also learned how to climb up our 2 stairs and this has made it a little harder to keep him in one room, so now he likes to go into the bedrooms and open drawers and pull everything out, CONSTANT WATCHING IS MANDATORY.

Mom is coming to stay for a whole month next Monday, I can't wait to get some projects done around here and to have someone other than Arthur to talk too.


Kelly said...

I remember when Caleb reached the constant mandatory watching phase... so much fun! They get a little better about having limits eventually- that or maybe I have just put away every dangerous thing in my house!

Happy Walking Nic!

Jeanie said...

So glad Jenny is coming to stay with you. You bet you will get a lot done! I remember how scheduled she was about everything when you all were little.
Enjoy your little walker and you visit with Mom.!

Anonymous said...

i love the blue shag rug! i guess that's a rug? or a blanket? not sure! glad you will get some relief soon! love ya,
val & bryan

Anonymous said...

It is between a rug and a blanket, name it as you like,and it is made from 100% wool (sheep),my grandmother made it(hand woven) and she made a lot of them, this one is colored blue.

Arthur ,Greece.

Tindy said...

Go Nic:

I think you are going to move right on into running soon. You look soooo happy!!!!!! You are a treasure.

Love, Aunt Tindy