02 October 2008

Our little Teddy Bear

Hat compliments of Eric and Leslie.
Baby is now 8 months old, he weighed in at 8.5 kilos or 18.7 lbs, the doctor wasn't to happy since he only gained .3 kilos in one month and told us to feed him more. How do you feed you child when he is already full would have been my question if I spoke Greek. He eats enough it's just that he is so active, there is no sitting quietly with him, only when he sleeps does he not move. Last week we had a family come and stay at KokaRoka and they had a daughter that was born 7 days after baby Nik and she weighed 10.5 kilos, she was so chubby that the only thing she could do was sit there, she didn't even know how to crawl yet.

It is winter time here already and we have been having very cold weather with lots and lots of rain, right now baby is wearing 4 layers, a onesie, a shirt, overalls and a sweater. We are hoping it will clear up for at least a little while we finally found someone who would do our tiles in the back, but it has been raining since he finished his last project at our neighbors house.

Going back to baby he likes the strangest things, he doesn't like carrots and potatoes, but he likes lemon and lentil soup, go figure. He definitely gets this from his father and not me, I would much rather eat potato soup (he didn't like it) than lentil soup although the latter is most definitely healthier and Katerina makes it about once a week. Right now he is enjoying his favorite food along with an egg yolk and that's lamb.


Jeanie said...

I've never met a kid yet who ate exactly what their parents like.

....and now that my kids are grown, they lecture Mike and I on our diets! I look at my watch and tell Ryan I get equal time to talk to hiim about relationships! That usually quiets him.

GeGe said...

What a cute little guy. He is so bundled up. We got rain today for the first time since May. So I guess winter has come to CA as well.

Valerie & Bryan said...

Just wish we could get some rain in Austin! Nik is looking great and don't worry about the doc telling you to feed him more. I agree that if you're feeding him enough and he's full, there is nothing you can do but wait. His weight will increase naturally like it should.