18 October 2008

Doctor update

What's in here?
This outfit no longer fits, his feet stick out and the buttons on the butt can't connect due to his long torso.

We went for just a check-up with our doctor here in town and here are the latest stats.

8.7 kilos
30 inches

He only gained .2 kilos in the last month, this is less than 1/2 lb. and we are still working on trying to get to 10 kilos. On the chart he is above average for his height but below average for his weight, I think it is probably due to his extreme activeness. If we go by the chart and how he has been gaining weight he will be 10 kilos when he is 13 months old, the end of February. He is now walking 5 steps on his own and a lot of the time will walk around with me just by hanging on to my pants.

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