03 February 2009

Birthday and Hospital Stay Photos

Getting ready to go in for our colon check-up.
When can we blow out the candle?
The O is from Eric after baby Nik was born and I thought it was appropriate to place it on this cake since he did spend his first O month here in this hospital and the 1 is of course for his 1st birthday that he also spent here. SO no it's not a backwards 10.
For some unknown reason if Nik wakes up at 4 am he stays up for at least an hour and wants to play around, this is not true for any other time of the night. Unfortunately one of the nights while we were in the hospital he woke up at 4, I walked him up and down the corridor and then I let him play with toilet paper (keeps him busy for a while, shredding the paper).


Jennifer said...

Just in case Nik didn't hear the English version...Happy B'day to you..Happy B'day to you...Happy birthday dear Nik...Happy B'day to you...Love, Grandma Peters

Jennifer said...

and by the way....sure wish I would have been there for the cake...