21 April 2010

Joining the 21st Century

We finally have Wi-Fi at KokaRoka, now our guest who bring their own computer can just get a password and hook up. Unfortunately our house is just a little too far away for my computer to piggy back on to KokaRoka's Wi-Fi, but I bring my laptop down and then Arthur can use his and I can use mine at the same time.

We have also purchased a King sized bed, compared to our less than double bed that made rolling over impossible, this is very exciting news. Hopefully it will be here before the little one arrives.

There are a lot of other projects in the works, we are placing cement in the heating room to make the floor even. I am painting the backyard's cement wall and placing a trellis so I can plant some honeysuckle. We also need to refinish the wood railing's outside on the verandas. Lot's of projects this spring and I better get them done before my Dad and Rhonda arrive in July.


Prof said...

Wow: Progress

Jeanie said...

You had better get it all done before little Kat arrives~

Eric said...

Hi - We need belly pics. Please post!