08 April 2010

Easter Weekend in Greece

Nik's Godfather (Bill) brought him his candle along with a large chocolate egg with a spider man toy inside and a police plane for the Easter weekend. Nik gave him kiss when he got the presents but after the presents were opened and as his Godfather was leaving he wouldn't give a kiss. So if you want kisses you better bring a present and ask for the kiss right away or you will miss out, hehehehe!

On Friday we went to the Lake with Arthur's friends Martin and his pregnant girlfriend Angela (she is due around the same time as me and the same age) they live in Austria. We had lunch at a tavern and then enjoyed some ice cream while walking around the small town, Nik wanted to join a farmer who had his lambs and chickens out, he loves animals. The lake is very full this year and the place that we normally go to for a coffee had water in half of their parking lot and the chairs were right on the water's edge, a whole new meaning to sitting by the lake.

On Saturday we tried to stay up for the 11:30PM church service (this is when you burn your candle) but we just couldn't make it, went to bed at 11, almost made it. On Sunday we roasted a whole lamb.

Pictures to come

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Jennifer said...

Hello to all. I'm glad you are getting out and around. It will be a little harder when you have 2 to load up. It looks like it is warming up there. The melt has started here. Our lot is clear, but we get the run off from behind us so it scares me to see water bubbling up from a gopher hole. It is still freezing at night so we get a little break...could run off for about a week. Keep the fun going. Love, Ma