08 April 2010


I thought I would write a little about Nik and how he is growing. His legs have finally caught up to his upper body and are fitting into toddler size 3 pants. He is speaking a little more and some of my favorite words are Bye, money and please.
He likes to get ready to go places by packing a bag and then he slings it over his shoulder and says "bye" and then blows me a kiss, sometimes when I ask him where he is going he will say "church" or "ΓιαΓια" (grandma), too cute.
Anyone working with a saw or power tool is "Παπου" (grandpa) and he always request "more" when he hears these noises, I guess he likes the sound.
He also loves to go to the grocery store and will pick out what he would like to buy and then he will give the "money" to the cashier. He totally understands that everything cost money and that he needs to pay for it. He also loves to take money out of the cash register machine in KokaRoka and put it in his pocket, I have found up to 50euros in there. "Money" is a wonderful way to make a friend with him, I ask him if he would like some money and he dances and jumps around saying "money, money, money".
He has also learned that a "please" can pretty much get him anything, even stuff that I have denied previously, it is just so hard to deny such a cute "pleeeasse".


Jeanie said...

Is Nik ready for his little sister to change his world? He is getting so big!

Kelly said...

What a big boy Nik is becoming! Wish we were closer and could play together!

Jennifer said...

He's figuring things out. I hope he doesn't figure out how to catch the train too soon. Be watchful. One time when Uncle Allan was about that age Grandma B was taking a nap and Allan asked her if he could make a cake. Before she could gather her senses she heard the mixer whirling....Oh the adventure continues. Love, Grandma Peters