22 May 2010

And the Date IS.....

JUNE 8, 2010 a Tuesday

We did a non-stress test on Friday, it was fun, listening to the heartbeat and timing the kicks. The doctors then decided when the best time to do the Cesarean. ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΗ ΙΟΑΝΝΑ ΣΑΚΚΑ, you can call her Kat or Riena if you want will be arriving sometime on June 8th, two weeks away, oh my!

Nik is learning more and more words, my favorite word that he uses now is "NICE". It's so cute to hear him say it, he loves putting lotion on my belly and then he pronounces that it's "nice" or when he eats something good "nice". A great greek word that he uses is "ETSI" (like that or this way) this is such a great word because it's like a sentence all in one word. He loves to say "etsi" (no mom do it this way) or "etsi" (I like it like that).

He still uses sign language and sometimes he says a word and signs. He points to his ear and says "akou" (listen in greek) or points to his eye and says "look", he also points to his nose for smell but no word with that gesture just yet.

The hardest Greek word I have had to get used to is "ME" not as in you - me, but in English it means don't, the first couple of times I heard Nik say "me" I responded "you, you what" but now I've got it.


Kelly said...

How exciting Mara! I will get her announcements going! Can you work on sending me the names and addresses of who you want them sent to?

Hope you are feeling great!

Leah said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics of her!!!