13 May 2010

Belly Pics

Okay not a photo of my belly, but this is a self-portrait done by Nik. He loves using the camera and takes pretty good photos, he likes close ups, so I have several close up shots of my belly but those might scare people. So I did not post any of them but I have one that I took and one that Arthur took, notice my new hair cut.
I feel absolutely huge especially now that my belly has surpassed my huge boobs, I am at 34 weeks in these pictures and they were taken last week. We have been going to the doctor once a week for the past month and have another appointment tomorrow, hopefully he will give us the date for the Cesarean to be done in 3-4 weeks. I'm ready!


Jeanie said...

Great picture of you Mara. I like the new hairdo! Will have to step up my compiling of things to send you. Take care,

Jennifer said...

You look like a cute pregnant lady. Love the jacket and the hair cut. I thought it would be hot by now..Are you sure you are ready? Tell Katarina that I hope she is feeling fine. She'll have to call me in if she gets too tired. Hi, Big Brother! Love, Ma/ YaYa