01 May 2010

May Day Holiday

Today is a holiday in Greece and everything and I mean absolutely everything is closed. All stores, supermarkets even pharmacies are closed, truly an amazing feat- the pharmacies part, there are about 2 on every block.

We of course are grilling lamb, this time not a whole little lamb but chunks of older sheep (mutton). Today is a beautiful day, roses are in full bloom, flowers are buzzing with bees and you can hear birds chirping happily as they build their nest.

Nik is happy adding wood to the fire for grilling the meat and watering the flowers with his little water pot.

Tomorrow perhaps we will go to the beach, the water is still cold but they have opened the Tempe pass for the holiday weekend. It has been closed all winter, they will re-close it after the holiday and it might be ready to open at the end of the month.


Jeanie said...

Joe would be happy to hear that Greece is celebrating his 60th birthday in such a grand way!

Kelly said...

Wish we were there to join you at the beach!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are feeling good and enjoying the spring....I remember not being in a hurry for #2 to pop out. The pace will quicken again for awhile. Then you get a little break when they start going to school. Then before you know it.....I won't say it. Love,

jason steve said...

nice! greecelocation is very beautiful.

greek national holidays