20 July 2010


We had Katerina's 40 day blessing on Friday at 7 pm and it was hotter than hot. What is a 40 day blessing, so glad you asked. Well first off the priest asked if I was a Protestant, the Greek Orthodox Church has this big thing against Protestants and if I had been one he wouldn't have performed the ceremony. So once we got that settled he had me get down on my knees holding the baby and then he placed his sacrament (the beautiful piece of woven clothe that is placed over his robe) over my head. Now if you have ever knelt when it is about 90 degrees and then had something heavy and very stifling placed on your head you know how uncomfortable it can be. I was trying not to wiggle around but my legs were cramping and then my big toe started to cramp up. All while the priest read the bible in rapid Greek, that I am sure even Arthur and his mom had a hard time understanding he spoke so quickly, but still not fast enough for me, phew.. was it hot. Then he took the baby (she didn't make a single sound) as he carried her around the church making the cross sign. Then when we got to the front area where he does church services he had me kneel 3 times while making the cross sign and then I had to kiss the sacrament and the baby had to kiss the sacrament also. And now it is safe for the baby to travel the world and begin her new life.
The two Katerina's together.

We also had her first doctor's appointment and she has gained 3 lbs.


Leah said...

What a little doll you have. Is that a moby wrap you are wearing with little baby inside?

Jeanie said...

Interesting~ Thanks for answering my question~

mara said...

Yes Leah that is a Moby wrap and I have loved it, I used it with Nik also. It was good for the winter time but is a little hot for Riene here in the summer.