23 July 2010

Train Station

The train has arrived and Arthur, Nik and Dad are waiting outside to hop on quickly and get a good seat. The parents took the train to and from Thessaloniki and Kalampaka, a direct train ride lasting 3 hours. These photos were taken when they left two weeks ago, the two bottom photos were taken by Nik.

Rhonda, Mara, Riene and Nik in the train station's waiting room, it was pretty windy outside and 7:40 in the morning so still pretty cool.
Riene in a U.S.A. baby onesie a gift from Birgit and Brian.
Rhonda, Dad and Riene.
Nik running up and down the train tracks.

Pictures taken by Nik- pretty darn good

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Jeanie said...

Nik is a better photographer than lots of adults! Yes, you need to upgrade the pool for Nik... Great pictures. Love your haircut Mara. It's a good look for you.