12 July 2010

Parents Visit

A great but quickly gone 10 days, here are some quick shots, before I have to go home to feed the little one again.
Arthur took Nik and the parents to Volos, for a quick trip to the seafront.

eWe also went to Lake Plastiras for a coffee and lunch at a great little restaurant near a river and serving fresh trout.
Dad with the babe.
Rhonda with the babe.
Nik cleaning off a dirty diaper in the pretty cold mountain river.
Last day family photo shot, I sure am going to miss the extra hands, and the fun days of getting out of the house.
The girls


Jeanie said...

Glad you had a good time. Extra hands are always nice with little ones.

Valerie and Bryan said...

Congratulations Mara! Your baby girl is beautiful! Also, sorry to hear about Arthur's father, please know your entire family is in our thoughts.