01 September 2010

A Picture For Mom

Hello Mom... Here is Mr. Independent putting his shoes on the wrong feet, but he knows best (he got huge blisters doing this). He also now loves these suspender pants that you bought him because he can put them on himself. He is also potty training all by himself and will tell me "no pana mama, no pana" (pana is diaper in Greek). He has very good bladder control and loves using the toilet so I think he will be out of a day diaper by the end of September.
He still loves to help clean and will tell people he is "working", he will do anything you do, clean windows, wash dishes, bring in wood, anything you will let him do. "Cooking" is also one of his favorite words and he likes to help out in the kitchen, whenever I will let him.
He is a nonstop action always running and with no fear, we had to take away his bike because he was taking it down the hill at very high speeds. He also walks to Grandma's house all by himself, I watch from the veranda and YiaYia stands down at the bottom of the steps.
He makes a great big brother and will get the babies pacifier when it drops, he also makes her laugh and gives her kisses. He will tell me when to pick her up or when to put her down. He has started to carry around a bear that is "his baby" and he will put it to bed and feed it and even tried to change it's pana.
It is so fun to watch him grow.


Jeanie said...

Ahh, how sweet. He is growing up way too fast... And I haven't even met him yet!

mara said...

You can come over any time