15 September 2010

Family Photo

Here's our family photo, Nik holding his baby (the bear) and Kat in her favorite position with her head to the side looking out at the world.
I was in bed for about 4 days due to my back just going out last Tuesday night, we went to the doctor on Monday and he sent me to a Physical Therapist. I always thought of physical therapist being the ones who make you use the treadmill and do general workout routines. But in Greece they are like Chiropractors and massage therapist all rolled up into one person. He used two pieces of equipment that just seemed to warm up my back and then he cracked it in several places and then gave me a rough Swedish massage and the nice part is that our insurance is taking care of the cost. I have gone twice and now can at least walk down to KokaRoka, I get 4 more visits this time around if I need more I have to go back to the bone doctor and then he will send me to the Physical Therapist again our insurance will pay for up to 4 times a year at 6 visits each that's 24 visits, pretty sweet. Of course if I wasn't breastfeeding I think the doctor would have just given me some heavy drugs and sent me on my way. Greek doctors love prescribing drugs and drugs are fairly cheap here, for the most part ranging from 1 to 3 euros.


Prof said...

Hope you are feeling better. Dad

Jeanie said...

Nice picture. When my back goes out I make ice packs and it freezes the pain. Works good for me.