03 September 2010

Quick Trip To The Sea

An exhausting early morning drive and swim at the beach has left both kids tuckered out. Baby Kat had her first dip into the sea, it was still windy but the water was a little calmer this time. We went to the same beach and hotel that we had stayed at previously.
The restaurant at the hotel that we stay at, the whole place is surrounded by trees and flowers. It needs this protection from both the sun and the constant wind.
Baby Kat chillin' with big brother downstairs where they had a TV that was hooked up to a Satellite that got the Cartoon Network. Nik really liked that channel and controled it for the two days that we were there, thankfully the owners have 3 children themselves and didn't mind having cartoons on all of the time.
Watching TV and sipping on a lemonade, perfect holiday relaxation, after a day of swimming.
Eating dinner, Nik has a great imagination and has picked up the habit of pretending that a toothpick is a cigarette, so here he is having a cig along with his dinner in typical Greek fashion.
The beach that Arthur really loves, on this day it was super cloudy and very rough, so only Nik and Dad went out, while baby and I stayed at the hotel.
When Nik came back he was covered from head to toe with sand, he really loves playing at the beach.
So we decided to stay only one night since this day was appearing to be stormy and the next day would be the same. While Arthur was having breakfast he saw a sign for some Apartment Villas on sale, we called the number and went to look at them. The view from the Villa is below.
A really sweet view even better in person, within a 5 minute drive and probably only 10 minutes to walk down to the beach. There are 6 units, 2 to each pool, the one we looked at was 2nd to the end of the picture below, there is the first floor and then a basement. Kitchen, living room w/fireplace, 2 bedrooms and one bath for 160,000euros. At the time it sounded great you have the view to amaze you and then you leave and it's like what where you thinking 160,000 is a whole lot of money.
So we didn't purchase our own beach getaway, but we were tempted, it's very beautiful.

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