30 December 2010


Our Christmas Dinner, Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and dressing. Arthur made bread the night before and I made a carrot cake and apple pie for dessert.

Here we are on Christmas Day, if you are wondering my hair is wet, both baby Kat and I just came out of the shower. Katerina has a black lip from Nik throwing a metal car at her.I did a wreath for the door (okay I bought it) maybe next year I will be brave enough to ask the neighbor for some of her holly.
Nik opening his present from Santa, it worked out that he got a present every other day, it was much better this way and the excitement on his face was worth the wait for me (more of that to come later).

A spider man race track!
My cute girl with her first hair barrette, wearing a lady bug dress from Aunt Jeanie.

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Jeanie said...

Pass me a plate. That looks good~
Poor Katarina! I hope Nik learns not to throw things. The snow is beautiful. Glad you had a good Christmas!