30 December 2010

The snow

So these are the pictures as promised of our snow 2 weeks ago, it is all gone now and we had a very sunny Christmas. The rest of Europe is pretty snowed in and in Greece we are having wonderful weather, hah! it's great living here.

This is what I woke up too in the morning it had snowed so much that there was even snow on the veranda, it must have been blowing pretty hard for it to come in.Nik trying to get out to the snow, and the baby would with joy like to escape with him.
My bougainvillea finally had to be moved indoors, but it had flowers all the way from June to December, amazing.
The car was snowed in.
Nik and I threw a couple of snowballs and did a snow angel, he finally got so cold that he cried about his fingers being cold (the gloves didn't stay on long).

,I walked all the way down to our grocery store, for some supplies, this was the view.

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