18 December 2010

Foot and Mouth

No not the disease, she loves to have her foot in her mouth when I am changing her diaper. I guess the freedom of no diaper, pants or socks allows her to reach her toes for a little chew time. It snowed on Monday but melted the same day and then it snowed on Wednesday night and on Thursday there was so much snow that it came up to the middle of my calf. The snow was different than what I am used too, it wasn't icy snow and if you made a snow ball and threw it it would break up in the air and come down as fluffy snow. It's very hard to describe, but was very interesting. I had to go to the supermarket for milk and it was a great workout since I was making a lot of new tracks, kind of like running of sand. The snow is still here but in smaller amounts, the roads for the most part are clear, they had a bobcat scoop it up. I made pictures and will post them soon, no pictures of Riene in her snow suit (picture "A Christmas Story") but I am sure there will be more chances of fresh snow.


Prof said...

She is a beautiful girl!

Jeanie said...

Every time I think she can't get any cuter, you post another adorable photo. Precious!

Jennifer said...

Snow for Christmas....That's sure to add to the excitement. I hope you have boots....Love Mom