01 September 2012

Nik's visit to the doctor

 On Sunday we took Nik up to the hospital in Thessaloniki for a check up with his doctor who did his surgeries when he was little.  We have been having trouble with him not doing really good poo-poos and since he will be starting school soon we wanted to check that everything was okay.
The doctor did a little check and Nik was crying and holding on so strong that he decided it would be better if he did everything while he was sleeping.  So we checked in, but since I had given Nik a little bit of food before we went in they had us wait 6 hours so they could do the anesthesiology safely.  When he was little it was so much easier to send him into surgery but now he know something is going on and he cried and kept yelling "Mommy I don't want to go, your making me sad." when they came to take him up.  This of course had Katerina upset and she kept crying "Niko, Niko." and holding her hands out to him, and this made me sad too!
But he came back quickly, less than 1/2 hour and was knocked out, but at least Kat settled down once she saw her big brother was okay.  They thought that they would send a camera up the next day and then maybe surgery the next, but both of those things were taken off the table when all of the big doctors had a powwow about what to do and they decided that he is to young to have another surgery and to just try some new medicine.  On Sunday Nik had to go hungry but he actually did pretty good and didn't complain until night time when he wanted some milk.  That night we had 2 room mates a boy who got burned by hot oil, ouch, and a boy who had been having headaches for a couple of weeks, they found a tumor just behind his ear, scary.  The boy with the burns went home on Monday and the one with the tumor moved rooms so we had the whole room to ourselves on Monday night and the whole family slept there, the first night Arthur slept in the van.  We went home on Tuesday with a bottle of milk of magnesia cost $2.
Of course no trip to Thessaloniki can go with out stopping at the mall and having some KFC and Chinese food for me.  The streets of Thessaloniki were empty of shoppers but the mall was packed, not with Greeks but with Serbians, Russians, and other western Europeans.
So happy the start of the trip

Super crazy face

Funny faces together

This rocker toy was a lifesaver, it kept Kat busy for hours.

Pretty tired

Do you see Kat in the background climbing? That's my kids for you.

 Nik's doctor Kristos Stefanidous
chalkboard activity at the mall, they had a whole section of stuff for kids.

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Jeanie said...

So sorry to hear that Nik is having problems again. But if MOM helps, that is great!