01 October 2012

2nd COMPLETED sewing project and a giveaway!

Hello everyone, I am so happy that I completed another sewing project and this one was for a good cause!  Over at Hopeful Threads they do a special project each month, and in September it was Remember Service Men and Women, go to their website to get more info.  I really like the project that they did in January, the babies are so cute, there is even one that I can tell has the same problem that Nik had, see if you can spot him with a diaper around his waist.
Okay back to the project, the goal was to make 100 pillowcases and electronic cases, so I made 2 pillowcases and an I-pad sleeve. The I-pad sleeve tutorial can be found Here.
What do you think?
Well I hope someone enjoys it!  Now if you think you want an I-pad sleeve I have a gift for you.
You can have this one! made with organic cotton!
My first I-pad sleeve I kind of made a few mistakes and although it still works I didn't want to give it as a gift to a complete stranger, but hey family is A okay.  So if you want it, just let me know, I also have the insides to make another one you can tell me what colors you like and I will make a special one just for you.  The inside is made with a really nice cozy fabric and I also put some of my precious Warm and Natural batting inside for extra protection.
If your wondering I do not have an I-Pad because they cost 640euros, that's $821 dollars, $321 dollars more than what you pay in the States, Greece is in a crisis, hello, I don't think anyone can afford that.


Prof said...

Very nice!

Lisa said...

I love giveaways but if I got this by mistake it is ok. You did a great job on it! I would love it if I qualify as family! I am proud to know so many helping service members. I was in the Navy for 9 years, 20 odd years ago. I know you are in Greece and I am in the US, so I understand! Keep up the good work!