06 October 2012

I won something!

That is so awesome to win something for making something for someone else, it makes me feel so good.  Read the blog below for what I made and check out what I won.

I can totally make something cool out of this, Daisy Janie Geo Grand Charm pack & 1/2 yard each of Hip Squares and Caravan.  Super, Super excited this is the first time winning anything, if you have an idea of what I could make out of this too cute fabric let me know.  The fabric is being given by Sondra at the Contemporary Cloth store.
If you are a crafter or would like to give you should check out Hopeful Threads, each month they do a new project, I don't have money to give but I can put a few hours into creating something to give and that feels good.


Prof said...

Congratulations! Maybe this is what you are good at doing.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Congrats!! :D