12 October 2012

A week of packages

I feel super loved this week, I got so many goodies in the mail, check it out.
Dad sent me a box of fabrics

These 2 fabrics would look great in an I-spy quilt(on my to do list)

These 2 maybe a dress for baby Kat?
Dad and Rhonda also sent a dress pattern for Kat, maybe I will use the fabric above.  They also sent a scarf that Rhonda had picked up on her trip to Italy and a little billfold purse, and some coloring supplies for the kids.  And not only did they send the fabric but they also thought about string and buttons, now I wonder who did the shopping Dad or Rhonda?  I also got a picture of Rhonda with her parents, but if it was Dad in the fabric aisle I would have loved a picture of that too!
 My friend Percy in Rescue California sent me a box of books plus my favorite candy "Hot Tamales" can't find those in Greece either.  She sent me a book that I have been wanting for a while "Your bodies many cries for water" and Arthur even snagged a book (rare occurrence) wanting to read "Creative Visualization".
12 lbs. of books
Both packages cost the same Dad's $63 and Percy's $69, Dad's weighed 2 lbs., Percy's 12 lbs.  I think you got ripped off Dad, sorry but the guy you go too should have put your stuff in the box that cost $45, I mean really when sending fabric you don't need half  of the box to be filled with peanuts whats going to break the buttons?
Plus I have heard that it is better to pack it yourself and in your own box. 
Thanks everyone for your gifts, I love them and the kids have even snagged a few things.


Prof said...

Glad it made it and yes, Rhonda bought the fabric.

Jeanie said...

I could have told you who bought the fabric!

Now you have work to be done~