04 February 2013


Pajamas from Grandma Peters.
 This one is pretty explanatory, they are both bending over chairs to watch Sunday morning cartoons.  Kat's favorite cartoon is Chaplin and Co. a funny cartoon with no words based off of Charlie Chaplin humor.  I think she likes it just because there are no spoken words, being bi-lingual they watch cartoons in English and Greek but I bet it is hard for her to understand sometimes.  Now Nik is totally proficient in his bi-lingual skills and I love it when he explains to me what is happening, then I know for sure that he understands ( I do too for the most part, but I pretend ignorance and tell him he is such a smart boy!).  His favorite cartoon is Le Petite Prince, it's french, I think this will be the next language he learns, either that or Spanish.  I am so glad he got his fathers tongue for languages, because I definitely don't have one.
A good picture of me with out my double/triple chin showing, hehe.  Don't mind the grey hair, I have decided to grow it out, at least until summer time, we will see what I do then.  Compared to when I lived in Sacramento and would go see my hairdresser Jessica every 6 weeks, the last time I got my haircut was in September, whoa, at least I think that is the date.

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Jeanie said...

Kara tells me that I am too young for grey hair. That makes you definitely way too young!