28 February 2013

February Finish-Reversible Sewing Machine Cover

I LOVE MY FEBRUARY FINISH, this is the first time that I have started a new hobby and have kept the first project for myself, I am calling this my first quilting project, even though it is only a cover for my sewing machine, I did a little bit of stitch in the ditch quilting, yippee!


For my first "quilting" project, not really a quilt but I did make my own binding and I want to share 2 really helpful little things that I found.

1. Making bias tape out of a fat quarter, I made 9 yards!

1 1/8 strips cut from a "tube", get the directions from here (opens in a new window)

2.  A Printable Bias Tape Maker, .5 inch (I did this, but will do the) 1 inch next time.

Pinned the free printable to my new IKEA ironing board

and with my little helper we made 9 yards of .5 inch double fold bias tape!

I used the Missouri Quilt Co. sewing machine binding tutorial, I just skipped the part about how to make binding since I had already done that, but I might try her way sometime soon, because it looked really easy.  She said for fun to have the binding stitch on the front of the quilt done in different type of stitch than the normal straight stitch and I thought what a great idea.  So I picked the J stitch off of my machine, it reminded me of waves (i.e. turtles swimming in water) and I didn't have to worry about it being a perfect straight line, sweet.
Space to put in a close up picture of "the stitch" later when we have sun again.
I love Turtles and I have a whole Pinterest Board filled with turtle ideas.  A wonderful lady named Roxanne sent me a turtle mug rug and some extra fabric, so I just had to make a matching turtle sewing machine cover.  And next month I plan on making a turtle pincushion (you can find it on my pinterest board) and a matching hexagon holder made with, what else, turtles!
A close up shot of the slit I made at the top for the handle and of course the turtles.

It's a Reversible Sewing Machine Cover, showing inside flipped out.
 A totally cool thing about my Cover is that I made it Reversible and used a little bit of Re-purposed material (see next paragraph).  When you flip my cover off you can put it under the machine, because on the back side I have made pockets, 1 for scraps and all of those clipped strings, 2 for my scissors that my kids keep hiding, 3 for my future turtle pin cushion.  I got the idea from Pinterest, where else, Joy at How Joyful has a tutorial although I did mine a little different, of course.

 I was going to use ties with cut out hexagon buttons to hold it but I made the sides so large that it really doesn't need them.  I used some left over brown wool and a pair of brown pants that I ripped a whole in the, well let's just say when I bent over I felt some cool air (I don't know how long I had it there but my husband spotted it as we were walking up the stairs and this was on a day after I had gone to the outdoor market with hundreds of people around) and timber herringbone from Surly Sheep.  I also used 2 different Kona blue colors and I wish I could tell you the names but I bought a whole bunch of blue's at one time and they didn't come labeled, so they are blue.  Also I used Emerald green batik fabric that worked perfectly in matching the sea turtles in the fabric that Roxanne had sent me.

I hope I don't offend anyone in saying this is my first "quilting" project, but oh my I can't wait to see how I do "quilting" on my home machine with a larger project, this one was plenty large for me!

Tell me, if you are still reading, do you love it as much as I do, or am I really turtle crazy?
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Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Such a quilting project! It's fantastic. And yeah for you to keep this project for yourself.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Thanks for linking up

Jennifer said...

You know I love this....using the scraps and keeping organized....and did I say cute besides a definite triple play

grapes and hearts said...

Mara, that's a great first quilting project and a clever one, what with these pockets and the possibility to reverse the cover!!!
Great idea and very well done!!!

Toye said...


This is awesome! Did you like the bias tape maker? I saw it on pinterest, but wasn't too sure. Let me know! And really? You made 9 yards out of one fat quarter? You are amazing!