29 April 2013

Hello, New Blog, All about my Stitching in shhhh....


So hubby is not really in to my crafting and I need an outlet for my creativeness and love sharing what I do with other like minded people, so I am creating a very new blog only about my crafting. It is a secret blog that I will only share with my fellow crafters, hello happy people, if you are reading this then you are a very special friend of mine.

And this means that "strangers" can make "comments" and "look" at how I "waste my time".

I have always been a firm believer in being able to make yourself happy and I love being happy.



Madame Samm said...

I am all for that Mara....if I did not have my DH cheering me...I too would have a secret blog shhhhh He just not get it does he....a happy creative woman is a very happy woman at home. ....My dh got that memo very quickly lol

Carol said...

It is so fun to have your own "space"--love it!