06 April 2013

Rainbow Table Topper

I am loving Rainbows lately and want to just make a whole bunch of stuff with RAINBOWS.
Rainbow Table Topper
I got a really great idea while following along with Sew Lux's Charm Madness Blog Hop, over at Echinops and Aster she showed how to make hourglass blocks, I have never done HST's (half square triangles) let alone hourglass blocks, so super easy.  The blocks on the right and left are hourglass with Riley Blakes medium chevron and medium polka dot charms.  In the middle is a 4 patch block because I had leftover 2 1/2 squares from doing some hexagons.  I used 18 charms.
When my husband saw it he asked if we were going to eat on it, I'm thinking what eat on my beautiful creation, so I had to rethink my idea of adding white to the edges and instead will be adding some laminated fabric, thank you Chrissy for letting me add my not all  the way completed project, although I did do some quilting on it.
Straight stitch, diamond style.
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Janine said...

This is looking great! I love those rainbow colours and I really like the way you're quilting it :)