04 June 2013

June's Goals, Challenges and A Friends Giveaway!

I love making goals and really like it when I can incorporate a challenge into it.

First:  Finish my daughter's birthday dress
That's some smocking going on, I am going to write a tutorial for the dress I am making, it is uber cute and super easy to make, about 3 nap times.

I need to finish my "I love Tammy bag"  I am kind of waiting on some fabric that should have been here over a month ago, hoping it comes here by this Friday, if not I will have to use some other fabrics.  Look for the blog hop so you can enjoy seeing all of the wonderful Tammy bags.  My day is June 17th, oh %$#@ I just looked and my day changed to the 14th, forget about waiting for fabric, I need to start today!

3 Challenges this month, the mid month "Le Challenge" is anything about MARITIME, got that one covered and almost finished, hint: a birthday suit.

Then there is the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge going on over at Ellison Lane, the due date for that is June 16th.

And another awesome blog hop, happening all month over at Blossom Heart Quilts the "Kate Spain blog hop".   She is having 2 linky parties, if you have previously made something using Kate Spain fabric then there is a mid month linky party or if you would like to make something this month there is a linky and prize party at the end of the month.  Now I don't own any Kate Spain fabric, but I have admired it, so I went out and ordered some Terrain, really cheap!  You can order some too and make something, go to Tipsy Quilters Etsy shop, she is selling Terrain for $4.20 a YARD!

If you are still here, there is a giveaway going on over at a friends blog SimpleSew, she entered her to cute quilt into a Pinterest contest, go check it out.
Shirley's use of Umbrella Prints Trimmings, made into a baby quilt.

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Happy Birthday!