08 June 2013

Katerina's Birthday Fun!

Kat turned 3 today!  My little girl is getting bigger, in fact she weighs a ton, like a bag of cement.  She weighs the same as Nik and he is 2 1/2 years older.
I made a cheesecake, lucky for me they don't like it so much, and are only eating the cherries that ΓιαΓια made.  This time Nik waited and they blew out the candles together.
I made Katerina a dress, it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it too, but it's not to bad.  Yesterday when I was finishing it up, Arthur was watching the kids at the tree and I went outside to find her doing this.
Playing with mud!
I had wanted to try the dress on her but we had to do it later after a bath and her she is dancing in her new dress.

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Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Kat. Love the dress and the dance. I hope you and your mom celebrate the whole month. Love from grandma peters