14 June 2013

My Tammy Bag is my....

Dorothy Bag!

Wizard of Oz is such a fun movie although when I was little it scared the bejeezers out of me, flying monkey, OhMy!  But a lot of the time I find myself saying "There is no place like home", but what is home?  I love the Greek countryside, I love my children and husband and they live in Greece and it ends there, so it that home?  Or is America home or maybe even Australia?
 click, click, click, I wish I had magic shoes.
The kids had a blast going on our "photo shoot" here are some photos.

Nik dressed himself and this is what happened

 We are at the yellow train station, the workers are on strike again, another reason to dislike Greece.  Hello Public workers?
I filled my bag with sewing goodies, so I can take it to the park and do some hand sewing while the kids play.  Some of the neighbor kids are very very bad, yesterday an 8 year old boy pushed Katerina to the ground, I don't think he saw me watching, so he was a little surprised when I yelled at him.  But they also say some pretty nasty things and the kids come home saying these bad words.
 And of course no Dorothy bag would be complete with out Toto, he is a pincushion/ felt needle pad/belly magnet pin picker upper.
Make sure you go visit all of the other ladies making their version of the Tammy bag, if you don't have the pattern and would like to make one (and really you should) you are in luck, Madame Samm the cheerleader and pattern writer has the pattern available on Craftsy.
June 13 - Today 
June 13 - Thursday
June 14th - Friday
June 17th - Monday
June 18th - Tuesday
Mdm Samm - Our fabulous Cheerleader !

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