03 July 2013

Handmade Joy Exchange

My first ever swap or in this case a Homemade Joy Exchange was in March, I was very excited this being the first time participating in something like this.  I was very happy with my homemade gift that Karen sent from Connecticut USA!

Karen wrote in her lovely card that she noticed I enjoyed the color blue, she hit the dot on the nose, I love blue, of course I love most all colors :)  Now my daughter has claimed this little bag as her's and she keeps her "fabric" inside of it.

Now the sad part, I sent mine to Sara in Mexico and it never arrived, boohoo, Sara if you are reading this and would like me to send you something else I can, just leave a comment.  I think maybe your officials snagged the box since it had chocolate in it, what do you think?  I also sent some music from my area in Greece and a postcard of where I live along with a hand written card.  I made her a mug rug or small wall hanging.
I didn't have much to go on since her blog post are very random and she hasn't even posted anything since April.  But she talked about liking the rain and a lot about her daughter, her princess.  So I know my daughter loves Rainbows, so this is what I created for her.

Thanks to Anne for organizing everything and truly saddened mine did not arrive, you can find the other goodies received and sent here.  On other news I also sent something out in April to the States and supposedly it never arrived also, well it just now was found (found yesterday), it had dropped behind a shelf at the destinations local post office, so I am so relieved that Kristy got her donation for the Foster children and perhaps this is what also happened in Mexico and some day it will be found.

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Bobbi Lewin said...

That's too bad that your lovely mug rug never made it:( I have heard stories of things miraculously appearing many months later. I'll cross my fingers for you!

That is a gorgeous little treasure from sweet Karen too:)