23 July 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!


Last Wednesday, Arthur had a business meeting in Ioannina, a city 1 1/2 hours north of our town.  It has a population of 112,000 and is next to a lake, but the best part is the IKEA, just a little outside of the city.
So the kids and I went along and had fun at IKEA while Arthur did his business, he came in for a few minutes and we had an ice-cream, the ice-creams are so good at IKEA, yummy.
I forgot to take pictures until the last ice-cream was being eaten, by Nik
Then we put the kids in the play ground that they have there, it is the first time Kat could go in, since she just turned 3.  How long did she last you ask? 
I was within hearing but out of sight, she called me over 5 times before finally deciding to come out, guess how long she was in?

15 minutes, wow 15 minutes with out her mum, a record for sure, lol.

So while Nik continued to play, Kat and I walked around IKEA, doing some shopping.  Just as I was at the counter to pay, they phoned me to pick him up.  He was inside for an hour.

We then went to the cafeteria and I bought the kids meal for 1euro, it was pasta with sauce and a juice and then when you exit you can get another ice-cream.  I only bought one meal because I could see the kids would probably not eat the pasta, it looked dry and gross (it was).  At the counter the guy asked me if the kids were sharing the meal I said yes and he gave me 2 tickets for the ice-cream that is a 1.20 price so I walked out making .20cents from IKEA, lol.

The kids played some more in the IKEA cafeteria play area.
Hey look, this is the first dress I sewed for Katerina :)

Then we exited the cafeteria and went out front waiting for Arthur, the kids drew a little but then Nik got upset because the Ikea employee took away the glue, that he was playing with so to quiet him I bought another ice-cream,  have you been keeping track that is 3 ice-creams.  Just as we were finishing the 3rd Arthur arrived.


On my list of things to buy was the IKEA clock (love it, only 2 euros) and a frame.  When we were eating our first ice-cream we sat at little kid tables and Katerina talked about how soft the wood felt on the table and chairs.  So I debated with myself, buy the kids the Table and chairs or buy myself 2 Expedit units to make an IKEA knock-off sewing table.  Right now I sew at the dining room table or on my hands and knees downstairs at the coffee table (so uncomfortable).  Well of course I picked the kids first and bought them a crafting table, ie. eating table (right now Katerina is using it to put a diaper on her baby/ Now they are playing doctor with said baby doll).
  When we brought it home it had 1 wooden dowel at the wrong size, it was too big.  I thought it would be easy to go to a hardware store and pick up a smaller one, little did I know they don't have these things at hardware stores.  So then I thought to cut it, but Arthur wanted to call IKEA (he blamed me for buying the table and it already having something wrong with it) and have them send us a new hardware pack.  I talked to the rep and it was a difficult conversation, so I just got a hand saw and cut it to the right size, easy peasy, no problem at all.  See it looks great!


The next day after getting home from IKEA, Katerina came down with a sickness.  A fever of 103 and vomiting.
  She didn't eat all day Thursday and I had a pretty rough night with her vomiting and constantly getting up.  Friday the fever continued so we took her to the ER in the evening, they could and did nothing, only checking to make sure it was not strep, it wasn't.  She even threw up right there in front of the doctor's.  We came home, she slept a little better but still hadn't eaten anything all day.  Saturday saw her still sick with fever and Saturday night she ate a little and the fever went down, but on Sunday morning she woke up with a rash all over her face, back of ears, chest and back.  Freaked me out, so we took her to the ER again and they said it was just her body getting rid of the fever.  Today is Tuesday and she still has a little bit of the rash on her back, but the face is clear.  The fever has broken and she ate some on Monday and this morning she had some breakfast.

What pisses me off is that some parent thought it would be a great idea to bring their sick kid to IKEA and get other kids sick.  I mean HELLO, if your kid is sick please don't bring them to a place to play with other children, it would be pretty hard to ignore the warning signs of this sickness, Kat was pretty listless.  In fact I even think I know what kid was a sick, there was a little girl playing close to Katerina in the toy kitchen and Nik was on the other side of the room.  The mother was right there at any time she could have warned me that her kid was sick and I would have moved Kat away, but did she, nope.  We kept Kat home and only took her to KokaRoka on Saturday for lunch and she played outside for the first time Monday night.  Greek parents are so inconsiderate they have this thought that if they go out the kid will rub his sickness off onto another kid and they won't be sick any more, REALLY, I am not making this up.  I saw plenty of this example from when Nik was in school.
Greeks were the ones who invented medicine (most medical terms are in Greek) but the last 1000 years have not existed for Greeks in the medical world, they still don't know about germs or viruses, idiots the lot of them. (if you have read this far, wow).


Vickie said...

So sorry your little precious got sick, i hope the rest of you don't get it. Greece is, um..... very different it sounds like. Will y'all ever come back to the states or is Greece your permanent home ?

Janine said...

Your little girl's illness sounds awful. You must have been very worried. I'm so glad she seems to be getting better now.