22 July 2013

Sunday Stash and Le Challenge project to return

I think this is becoming my favorite way to blog, all about getting fabric in the mail :)
I have been doing some sewing, but they are all for swaps, so no picture showing :(

Once again everything came on Friday, a lovely package of 3 FQ's from Fenna at FABulous Home Sewn, that I won 2 weeks ago.  She is doing a wonderful on-going charity event of "Sewing for  Pregnancy Care Centres" and if you live in America or Canada, you can help her out.
Isn't that key fabric awesome, I see a triple zip pouch being made out of these.
My daughter immediately claimed the keys for herself and my son took the black fabric, it is his favorite color after yellow, so that left me with the red fabric.  I think their stashes would be as big as mine if I actually let them keep the fabric, lol.

I also got 2 more packages in the mail, but for some reason they didn't even send a letter telling us they were at the post office, but I told my husband to go down to check because I was waiting for some fabric to come in and it still hadn't and sure enough there were 2 packages down there.  I wonder how many times the guys do that and then just wait a year and if you don't claim it they take it, what do you think?  I have had 2 packages not arrive to my house, many years ago, so maybe.
I will show you only 1 package now, I got a super deal, 33 FQ's for $35, Awesome right, I mean that is like $4 a yard but in FQ's.  How did I find this sweet deal, well I don't know if you saw but I won a cute mini charm pack from Erin and I started to look around to see where this fabric was from, I finally found that it is called Dessert Party from Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman fabrics.  So I had started making a project for the Le Challenge "Toffee" with these fabrics.
Dessert Party mini charms and some Oakshott Toffee
Actually just kidding the Oakshott is really Coffee
I am just putting this out there, I don't like Oakshott fabrics, blasphemy, I know but when you buy fabric off the internet it would be really nice if shops where more specific with the colors, I got a whole bunch of their fabric that I am just trying to find a way to use.
My project was looking a little like this.

I never did finish my toffee project because I wanted more of the Dessert Party fabric and found it at Janes Fabrics Etsy shop, for cheap!
13 FQ's for $15 bucks
 Talk about a Sweet Dessert Treat!

But I wanted some more to play with than just those tiny squares, I am in some sweet dreams
And speaking of Sweets, how about the new "Sweet Pouch Swap", Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts is in charge this time around and I saw the pouches from the last swap and they were awesome, I signed up and so should you, get all of the nitty gritty details here.  You fill the pouch with sweets and you get a pouch with sweets in return, SWEET!

I also got some red, black and white fabrics $1 a FQ.
She now has this FQ bundle for only $10 so get on over there and pick up 14 FQ's for $10 bucks, wowzers, to bad the husband took away the credit card, hehe.
I also got some dots.
A great bunch of fabric in my mail box for sure.

The next LeChallenge is "Heroes" and Anne Kelle is coming out with a new collection called Super Kids how cool would that be to use those cute fabrics, and we have 2 months to complete this challenge, the button is on the side if you haven't checked it out before.

Linking up to Sunday Stash over at Quiet Play this week!

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Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Ooh awesome haul!! I love those dessert prints... but I have to say, I just -adore- that key print!!!

Susan Owenby said...

Man, your mailbox is waaaayyyy cooler than mine! :)

DeborahGun said...

lovely mail :-) My kids are so fed up with parcels arriving because they are usually for me! They used to look forward to the postman at the door, but now it is just 'Mum...'!