21 July 2014

Celestial Star QAL

Diane of "From Blank Pages" is hosting a QAL with the foundation paper piecing quilt "Celestial Star".  I am a sucker for stars, but not a big fan of foundation paper piecing, lol.  So I am hoping to learn some tricks and tips about that type of sewing.  Already she is a fountain of information, her post about Color Theory and Fabric choosing is mind blowing, well at least my mind was blown a little too much, I think I read over the post about 3 times, so much to learn!
First I picked a block I liked from her examples of black and white with value added.  This is my favorite, there are so many different variations of what you can do with one block pattern, it is so cool!
My fabrics have already been chosen, :), I want to continue my "Textures fabric, by Angela Walters" star pillow theme.
I made the picture in black and white just to make sure there is that value scale.
Here's my drawing, I do better if I have the colors written down, and will do the same to my paper pieces otherwise I will have wrong colors all over the place.
I will be making the 18" block to make a pillow.
The interior will switch between the stripes and the dots and the exterior ring will have the swirls.


Carol said...

This will look amazing when you're finished with it...love the fabric choices!

Deonn said...

What a cool block - your colorway looks terrific! I may have to go check this out!


I wish I could do my Homework like this..

Susan at TheBoredZombie.com said...

That will be lovely! Congrats for getting started on it. :)