13 July 2014

FQS Haul Part 2

Okay last week I talked about my red and aqua infatuation, plus a whole lot of American Made Brand Solids, all purchased at the Fat Quarter Shop.  This week, let's talk about Aurifil Love! Oh Boy, you see I was a very, very lucky winner of this beautiful box of threads.  Now I was unsure of if I won the small 10 spool box or the huge 12 spool box from the FQS, but I didn't care, cause it was awesome no matter what the size, see size doesn't count ;)
But I was getting a tad worried, they had mailed it on May 30th and I had gotten my 2 purchased in mid June packages, but still no sign of the threads.  Where were they, I was freaking out, just a very small bit, but they came this Tuesday and the mailman called me, cause I kind of harassed him last Thursday and Friday when the other packages came but the threads didn't.
 Are you ready to open it?  Sneaky peeky, they pack it so well, I just love the FQS stickers.
 It's the BIG Box of 12 50wt. spools of Everyday Color, by Me and My Sister!

The box is really nice, and it contained my favorite variegated thread.
Do you remember this picture...

See I was getting so low on it and I was like do I really want to use this precious thread on a charity quilt.  Karma, I got a BIG spool of it now!
They had this peachy pink color next to the variegated 4660 Pink, but to tell you the truth I think this color looks even better with this variegated color.

Variegated 4668 Pinks and 2425 larger spool peachy pink color.  I am giving these as a gift to a good friend.
2120 Bright Yellow, 4658 Bright Yellow and Orange Variegated, 1133 Bright Orange.

2520 Darker violet, and 2510 light violet

5017 Light neonish greeen, 6737 a even brighter version (this is a newer thread)

5005 light turquoise blue, 4663 Variegated (matches great with these 2 colors) , 6738 darker blue,
My favorite new color, matches so well with my recent thread collection.  I just am loving this color now.

I forgot to mention the jelly roll that I also got during the shipping sale, and it was one of their daily deals so I got it for $13. 
I have seen this collection in so many pretty quilts, so it was high time that I picked some up.
ooopps, sidewise, Joel Dewberry, Notting Hill.
My favorite prints are these half circular ones.
I also got a few tools and notions.
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charlotte said...

Love, love, love it all. I have never been a fan of variegated threads, but these are gorgeous! I may have to get some and try it.

Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs said...

We seem to have similar tastes, Mara - that's my favorite variegated (and favorite from NH fabrics), too! I have the Tula Pink box and fell in love with the mixed color spools. Pink was the first one too get used up. *But* I have a new one from MassDrop on the way - PHEW!

Kaja said...

Now I'm not a machine quilter, but those threads are gorgeous. Such fantastic colours.

Bethany said...

Awesome win! I won the small spools from that giveaway and the colors are absolutely fabulous! I wonder why it took so long, mine arrived last month!

Katherine said...

Woohoo! Mara, this is fabulous. Congrats on that wonderful win of Aurifil. Don't know which I'm drooling over more, the thread or the fabric. ;o)

As for a love of red and aqua... I'm with you... check out the fabric that found it's way to me this week.

Martina said...

So lovely and such a treasure! Have fun using it!
Hugs Martina

audrey said...

I LOVE Aurifil, and those boxes are so amazing! I love how well coordinated they always seem to be. And I've recently fallen in love with variegated threads. So yummy! What a great haul! I hope you enjoy it! :)

Mr. Briggs said...

Congrats on the thread win! I can only imagine the wonderful things you will use it for. :)

Gina said...

awesome win!!! happy mail is the best :) have fun turning your goodies into fun projects!!

Mdm Samm said...

lovely threads...lucky you girl...and I too love variegated threads...ohhhh these will certainly keep you for some time


What a Great Fun Surprise and fun sweet post too, love the tag idea... I have all my special floss'es to do, they are in a Bucket.. I have to have them # and named because they come from different companies and I am making large projects. Thank you for the thread and Floss idea..
Do you have time to Vote.. it ends June 15 midnight........

CeLynn said...

Lovely win Mara! You have me drooling over here ;) Enjoy!