05 July 2014

Swaps In and Out

For the Need a Little Needlebook Swap, I got a great rainbow 30's needlebook from Sheri of Sunshine in the Attic. 

The little rabbit is a stamp, she stamped it on fabric and on the matching card, LOVE IT!  I tried to stamp on fabric and it's hard.  I love the rainbow of colors and the 3 tiny little buttons, so cute.
Inside of the front cover, a zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets.

Inside of the back cover, again 2 pockets with 1 slot for a pen.
Look at the amazing job she did on the inside felt part
My new favorite color is the pale lavender DMC floss that she sent
I had actually bought the same color in Greek Petalouda thread, so it was meant to be.
And the scissors, she gave me a pair of scissors, happy dance!  
My first pair of real embroidery scissors,
I have been using the kids nail scissors, they actually work pretty good.
Thank you Sheri it is perfect and fits in what I will be using as my traveling
work station, much better than my older bag.
My new stitching on the go bag from Renee of Quilts of a Feather.
(my old Dorothy Bag behind) the new needlebook fits inside.

I sent this little pack off, not sure if it has made it or not, I know that 2 other packs made it to the States and in record time too, 5 days, that is a record!
Debra's favorite colors are grey and pink, the elephant needlebook, an elephant pin cushion and a scissor keep (free tutorial here).
My favorite new thing to send in swaps are the paper embroidery thread organizer's, they are fun to make and you can write the number of the thread on the back so when you get low you know which one it is.  Otherwise I always loose those little tiny bands, so this is perfect.
The inspiration for the elephant this cute flannel pink and grey fabric scrap.
Do you like my cute elephant?  Should I try to figure out how to do a PDF so you can get the pattern for him, he is a cutie.
I also sent this package off for the 200 grams fabric swap, it weighed .204 grams at the post office and the guy wouldn't let the .004 grams go, you see if it is under 200 grams it cost 3.30euros to send, but at 204grams it would have cost 4.50euros, ridiculous right.  So I took the hexie papers out, I figure she probably already has some of those.
I got my partner for the Big Stitch Swap and she likes birds so I figure I can use my recently finished feather for a little something small as an extra gift.
It turned out okay, 2 things, I don't think I will ever embroider on denim again, at least this denim had a stretch to it, you know like your favorite pair of jeans that can fit over your thighs, so it stretched as I was stitching.  Also since it was a dark material I used some tear away stabilizer to copy the pattern onto, and well let's just say it was a pain to get those little pieces of paper out from underneath all of the stitching.  I will use a wash away kind the next time I get to purchase some.

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Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Looks like it was a great swap Mara. Your needle book is beautiful...both the one you received and the one you made!

DebraKay Neiman said...

Mara, I was just floored when I got my package. I absolutely love that you made the elephant from the fabric pattern. What a great swap. Thank you so much.

Mdm Samm said...

what lovely treasures... sounds like you are bringing much joy with your stitchings..

Kay said...

Absolutely beautiful swaps. xx


Its all so adorable.. I love it.. I love sweet needle books. I would love to have your elephant in a PDF. I have one saved but you know I cant read instructions.. I am trying to do something with all this purple you sent me.. xoxo Purple elephants would be great for my state of mind.. and some tequila..xo

Sheri said...

Hi Mara-- it was so fun to read your post! The only thing is I have to admit that those little scissors I sent are also nail scissors and not real embroidery scissors-- but I also use them and they do work pretty good. Your little elephant needle book and pin cushion are so darling and sweet and what a good idea the embroidery thread organizers are!