20 April 2007

Anastasia our Godchild

Anastasia is our godchild in Naoussa, Arthur baptised her last year and her 2nd birthday is July 14. But on every Easter godparents give their godchildren a candle (to light her all of her life), tsooreki (special Easter bread), candy and a present. This is a proper gift to give to a godchild but of course it is up to the godparents.
So we drove to Naoussa on a Sunday and enjoyed a proper lent lunch with Calamari and Trout. We ate so much that I had to undue my pant buttons and took a walk in the park next to the restaurant.
First photo: Anastasia's parents, Arthur, Anastasia, and Stavros (brother)

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Anonymous said...

Finally a little girl. What a cutie she is! It will be fun to watch her grow up. Love, Ma