20 April 2007

Traditional Domestic Dancing

We went to another local church (Kalampaka has very, very many churches) for some local dancing. The men chant a verse and then the women say the same verse, then the men repeat the last part of the verse and add a new verse and the women repeat this, this goes on for several minutes depending on the story they are telling. As they sing/chant they swing their arms and walk around in a big circle. The top photo was done by the artist known as Arthur with friends from Athens in the background along with Arthur's beautiful wife.

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Anonymous said...

I got your message. We were at the grocery store. Yes, I heard the singing. You must have gotten an upgrade on your phone. After some windy days it was a pretty day here in ABQ. New hall bathroom and new roof at TP this week. No dancing here, so when the time comes I will be ready. Love, Ma