20 April 2007

Big Friday

Big Friday, Greek Orthodox Church, 4 churches created an Epitafios (symbolizing the ceremonial burial of Christ). The Church we went to created the one you see at the top photo, covered in flowers and carried by the choir boys. As you can see their were many people inside of the church and on the streets (the police had closed the streets earlier for the procession). This celebration is in all Greek Orthodox communities, all of Greece and in countries abroad, check out your local Greek Orthodox church next year for their Easter celebrations they are well worth seeing.

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Anonymous said...

Remember the Greek Fest in ABQ? Remember Mr. White at McCollum? His wife is Greek and they go to the Greek Orthodox Church here that sponsors that Fest. I went a couple times,but I never saw the dancing. I've been paying a little closer attention to the Greek restaurants lately. Love to you and yours, Ma