20 October 2007

How we met

Arthur and I met one year ago, here in KokaRoka. It truly was fate, I had a client who became a friend and he liked to sail in different areas around the world. He wanted to go to Greece in 2006 and I had always wanted to go to Greece so I joined him and his wife and 3 other sailing buddies. After sailing for 2 weeks I spent an extra week in Greece and visited some other sights on my own. One was the famous Meteora Monasteries, I made reservations to stay at a domatia via the internet and when I arrived the owner told me he was full (I have now learned that he overbooks all the time-to me this just is not a good business practice) but he called a rooms for rent place next door and they had a room available. It was 9 o'clock at night and I was starving I asked the lady who showed me the room where I could eat and she said "Downstairs, I make the best lamb." so this is what I ordered. There was another couple eating dinner and the woman spoke a little English but she wanted to communicate more to me so the waiter became our interpreter. Some of you already know this story so you know that the waiter was Arthur and this was how we met.


Jeanie said...

How neat! I never knew that before. Talk about a fateful night.

Valerie & Bryan said...

That's awesome! Love has a way of creeping up on you!