22 October 2007

"When we met" Anniversary

Typical Stone House
Butcher Shop
Wood Shop

Looking down on Metsovo

Arthur and I celebrated our "we met one year ago" anniversary in the small mountainous town called Metsovo. They have some small hills nearby that they call ski centers, but right now we don't have any snow. So Arthur and I enjoyed a nice day walking around the village with their typical buildings made out of stone with slate stone roofs. We had some great Metsovian cheese that is pure sheep milk that has been smoked, very delicious ($9 a pound). They also have woodworking artisans in the village, they make the wood carved items out of olive wood.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It looks cold though. DAD

Jeanie said...

I've not ever heard the story of how you met~ Care to tell us?

mara said...

Actually I had written the story a few days before but figured everyone knew how we met. But I was wrong so the story is posted below this one.