11 December 2007

Appointment Today

Today we spent 5 and half hours waiting to see the doctor for our appointment. It was a long day, but the baby is fine and he is predicting that it will come on Jan. 31, I would also tell you how much I have gained but I don't want to take all of the fun of betting on my Web baby shower.
He also gave us a name for a women that does the breathing Lamaze (don't know if I am spelling this right) class, but I don't know how beneficial it will be to me if it is all in Greek. So as a question to my sister-in-laws, do you think I should go to a class if I don't understand? Did you guys go to classes, did they help or did everything just miraculously happen? Or should I just buy a book from Amazon.com? Would love anybodies feedback.


Kelly said...

I would order a book. That would be much more helpful, than a class that you don't understand!

Anonymous said...

Just ask your doctor lots of questions, like about meds and their policies and procedures and get a good book. Make sure Arthur is a good coach -that makes all the difference in the world.

LUvYA! *Tracy