23 December 2007

The History of the Galopollo

I was admiring the view of Meteora.
When a man started chasing me.
I got caught and he hung me upside down.
Then he slit my neck, someone else will have to take over the story.
Arthur and I watched as Kostas defeathered our feathery friend.
I cleaned the rest of him up and put him in a salt brine bath.
Then I cooked him, nice and tender
We put him on a plate with stuffing, potatoes and gravy.
Arthur had a plate full.
So did Nick, Mara and Katerina.
For my first time at cooking a Turkey all by myself, I must admit I did a pretty darn good job. He weighed 7 kilos, about 15 lbs., he didn't take as long as I thought he would to cook, perhaps being a very fresh bird they don't need as much time, it took me 2 1/2 hours.
Galopolla, means french bird, either the Greeks don't like French or they think the turkey sounds like a french person talking, you take you pick on what you think.
Merry Christmas too all !


Leslie said...

I can't wait to visit and show the boys where our food really comes from! There's life before it ends up in plastic wrap in the grocery store. The turkey looks so tastey, good job Mara.

Jennifer said...

Love, Ma