31 December 2007

Homemade Diapers

I wanted to show off my pretty homemade diapers, I made the pattern and cut it out on 100% cotton fabric. I was going to sew them also but found out that my mother-in-laws sewing machine is so old that it only sews a straight stitch and this required a zigzag stitch, so we asked our neighbor and koobara (wedding witness) Nicki to sew them for us and she kindly did so.


Anonymous said...

This is just too cool! What a great way to save money and space in a landfill. Way to go Mara.

Elise said...

We wish you a great 2008 filled with joy and love.
You're going to have fun with the baby!
Elise and Orpheus

Jeanie said...

Wow, Mara you are so smart and "Green"!

Happy '08 and Happy baby!

Love ya,

Aunti Jeanie

Jeanie said...

P.S. I am sure your Mom is so proud of you and your thiftiness!

How many points does baby get each day for wearing these?

Jennifer said...

Well...They do look beautiful now..you'll probably put a few huggies in the diaper bag...I remember the diapers I used on Eric in Australia...maybe you'll like the cloth ones best..Grandma B even used a dish towel in a pinch. Love, Ma