07 December 2007

The results are in

14 people voted that I have a bigger belly and 4 people voted Arthur had a bigger belly. One month ago I would have to say that Arthur was the one with the bigger belly, but after this recent photo I will have to say that I am the one with the bigger belly.
Thank you Mom for the pregnancy clothes, they are really coming in handy now. We have our doctors appointment this coming Tuesday, so I can't wait to see how much I have gained. Of course the baby is healthy and having a wonderful time kicking and punching around, perhaps a future swimmer or kickboxer. Sometimes he even has his kicking timed with my breathing - breath in = kick, breath out = kick and so on. If your a real betting person you can go to my web baby shower and enter in the contest of when you think the baby will be due.
Good Luck, P.S. as a hint the normal period of human gestation is 40 weeks, if we go by that the due date would be January 30, so please don't say that I will be 4 weeks late, I would hate for anyone to be that overdue, especially myself.

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