06 March 2008


Thank you everyone who has sent us a package, in the coming weeks I will showcase a few of the things we have received. My blogging is my little escape and some much needed air. Of course I get fresh air when I hang the laundry out to dry and compared to doing laundry twice a week to twice a day, I'm out there getting fresh air often.

Models Mara and Nik, Nik is wearing a easy to button Carter's outfit provided by Aunt Maurine and Uncle James.
Stuffed dog Skipit provided by Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Mike.
Child Handling, Grooming and Photography by the Parents.


Jeanie said...

I can't get over how thick his hair is in the back. I had to enlarge the picture to be sure it was hair. He is so cute sucking his thumb. Now we just need the boy to gain weight!

jon said...

does he have a mullet? Awesome

Anonymous said...

very precious! thanks for sharing with us!