20 March 2008

Pre-Baptism Baptism

Nik was pre-baptised on his 46th day, they normally do this on the 40th day but that would have been at another church and we wanted to do it at our church just down the street. This church is 1,000 years old and before that it was a temple (they built on top of it and you can see some remaining pillars and tiles). They don't allow you to take pictures inside of the church, so if you want to view some amazing frescoes you will have to come and visit us for the real baptism. Sometime in the next year or two the date hasn't been set yet but we will keep you posted perhaps June of 2009, depends on the second surgury.
I was very impressed with Nik's ability to keep his hunger at bay, he woke up while the priest had me on my knees in front of him with this table cloth neck wrap on top of my head. I could feel him wiggling around (no pacifier), then the priest had me hand over Nik to him and I thought "uh-oh, now we are in for it" but Nik was totally calm and allowed the priest to carry him around the church. I was so proud of my little boy as he just calmly looked around and checked out his new surroundings, the church is truly beautiful. He didn't let out a cry untill we exited the church but we were prepared with a bottle of milk (top picture) and fed him right there next to the church. The bottom photo is before the "ceremony" the church is to the left and the rocks are behind Arthur and Nik.
Nikolaos Sakkas is wrapped in a green wrap provided by Leslie and Eric Capron.

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Jennifer said...

Another nice little family. I feel so lucky. Love, Ma