17 March 2008

Mara or Arthur

Okay, I realize this is a lot of blogs for one day, but I am making up for the last week and I will have even more once I get the new pictures downloaded so look forward to that in a few days.

I missed the final total of the bet on my dad's blog, did I win the look alike contest or did that bald Greek guy win. To clarify Nik is not bald just shaved, he has hair in the back (Yes it looks like a mullet) but it is beautiful hair. Since I get to spend a lot of time with our little guy I have decided that even though he has my feet (I will have to get a picture of our feet), I think he will end up looking like Arthur, his facial expressions remind me of Arthur. Here is a wonderful picture Arthur took, what do you think now?


Jeanie said...

I think more than a mullet, Nik's hair looks like a yamika! Don't you think? Did he decide on his own to be Jewish?

He is so cute and looking so well nurtured. Great job Mara and Arthur.

Glad Nik gets a break before further surgery.

Anonymous said...

You were the one that folks thought he looked like. We shall see. DAD

Anonymous said...

ya'll both look great!